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How it works?

Wondering how Wizlah can help you give your clients a more immersive way to experience your designs? We’re here to help!

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Step 01

Upload a 3D design file

To start, upload a 3D design file and have it converted into a 4K walkthrough in just minutes.

Step 02

Edit on your 3D design file

Simply drag and drop furniture from our library onto your design file to show your clients during meet-ups.

Step 03

Manage multiple projects

You can do a quick search of all the projects you’re currently working on with our Search and Filter features.

Step 04

Annotate in 3D

Quickly note down comments from your clients in real-time with annotation in your 3D design file.

Step 05

Share project discussion summaries

With your client on the same platform, you can share annotation reports to keep track of your discussions.

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